About Rick Jones

Hello, I’m Rick Jones. Please, never call my Ricky (brings back bad memories).

I got a law degree from the University of Texas. In 2015, I stopped practicing law to pursue an internet marketing career. Makes sense, right? No, I agree, it doesn’t.

But I’m having a lot of fun making site, I’m doing very well with it. I’m able to set my own schedule and work on my own time.

I might not be a practicing lawyer anymore, but I’ve got the experience and the connections. I’m hoping to make this site in the quintessential guide for anyone who has been in a road accident and wants to know the next steps. I’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

Four Fun Facts:

  1. I can finish the Rubik’s Cube faster than any of my friends.
  2. I hate Mac & Cheese. (It’s supposed to be an American classic, but I don’t get it.)
  3. I’ve never watched a pro basketball game in my life.
  4. I thinking about getting my trucker’s license. (Just to say I have it).

My first post was about how to find a Houston truck accident lawyer. Let me know what you think and if you have questions you know what to do..